Kim Richards Wins Part 2 Of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion By A Hare

In returning a gift, Kim finally gets the credit she deserves.

Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills isn't much of a show without Kim. Over the course of seven seasons, her complex relationship with her sister Kyle, and with her sobriety, has played a part in virtually everyone's arcs in one form or another. Accused of being "this close to death" early on this season, Kim uses her reunion time wisely by giving everyone else a sobering look at the status quo.

In an episode full of noteworthy moments -- the revelation that Kim went on a date with Donald Trump; Kyle and Eileen's reaction shots; Kyle shushing LVP; Erika fissuring under pressure; the (shockingly) unanimous praise for Cool Ranch's work as a swimwear designer -- none is greater than Kim returning the stuffed rabbit RinnUGH gave her as a present for her grandson. Composed during questions about her claim that Cool Ranch and Paul's guests were doing coke in the bathroom at their dinner party, RinnUGH comes crashing back down to earth when Kim returns the gift. Kim says she "could have re-gifted it," but chose to be honest about how she wouldn't give it to her grandson because it "wasn't given with good energy." It's clear that none of the other women thinks this is a good, or even innocent, gesture on Kim's part. Which is what makes it great idea and move on Kim's part.

More than just being a highlight in the history of great, calculated reunion reveals, this is a much-needed win for Kim. Finally, she's able to regain some sense of control over the proceedings. It also feels right that she's the one who produces the most emotional reaction from RinnUGH that we've seen this season.

While I'd like to wax poetic on the beauty of this, the moment the wide-eyed single tears start streaming down RinnUGH's face and the power balance is have to see it for yourself.

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