A Crapstorm Threatens Kyle's Trip To Mexico On RHOBH

Finally, the truth comes out about Lisa RinnUGH.

A Punta Mita Trip?

Let the record reflect that this should be a "Skip." Once again, we're subject to last-minute notice of a trip, a plague sweeping Housewives. It's understandable that they want to spare us the 25 minutes worth of mentions that build up over the weeks in favor of other odds and ends, but it's disorienting nonetheless. In the words of Taylor Armstrong: "ENOUGH!"

So yes, you have to listen to Kyle perform the prologue, wherein she says goodbye to Mauricio, who's leaving because The Agency's expanding with an office in Punta Mita, Mexico, and whom she and the others will join there to celebrate the launch. Also learned: Delilah Belle is walking in NYFW, a development I'm pleased to announce is robbed from RinnUGH.

Packing & Unpacking

LVP's in the midst of dog-whispering and hair-zhooshing (read: packing) when Eden arrives. She's awestruck at the wonderland that is LVP's closet and briefly considers touching some jewels before wisely shifting gears -- spikes would have descended from the ceiling had she picked up a necklace -- and announcing she has something to say. Smash cut to…

RinnUGH arrives at Kyle by Alene Too, presumably to apply Kyle's friends-and-family discount to her receipt from the other day. Really, though, she's there to relay the latest "good" conversation she had with Kim back to Kyle, and to cover her bases in regard to Eden, whom she says is innocuous and just projecting. Kyle doesn't disagree with that interpretation, she just thinks it's fucking annoying and wants it to stop.

On the terrace, Eden apologizes to LVP for overstepping. She wouldn't have come on so strong were it not for RinnUGH, who told her she doesn't think Kim's sober, that she's actually close to death, and that Kyle's actively enabling self-destructive behavior. LVP's shocked and apologizes to Eden for the misunderstanding because, given her history, her approach makes sense now. She asks if she can relay the story to Kyle. Eden says yes, barely concealing her desire to call her at that moment so the news can spread and people would film with her.

A Feat For Dorit

This adds depth to the Cool Ranch flavor, the aftertaste of which is starting to dissipate. Here, she and her Honey Roast Ham and Cranberry-flavored Yorkshire Crisp of a husband take their kids to lunch. The pair playfully engage Jagger, who's six months into speech therapy and potentially has apraxia, a motor disorder in which the brain doesn't issue commands to the body fast enough for the appropriate response. It's thin, but surprisingly heavy.

Don't Forget Your Duster

RinnUGH's packing for New York and Mexico.

Express Check-In

The Banger Sisters (Eileen and RinnUGH), who are coming separately and later than everyone else, being the exception, the women arrive at LAX. Next, they're on a bus headed to the house where they're staying. You'll miss Erika shouting that she wants guacamole, a margarita, a burrito, etc., over Cool Ranch, who's clearly out of her element as the lone Dorito in a bowl of tortilla chips and interested in the shopping situation, but it's a small price to pay.

Casa Cuixa

At the house, Mauricio greets them with open arms. More importantly, there are also margaritas. Come for Erika's reaction to the margarita she's been craving, stay for the tour of the gorgeous property.

Burgeoning BFFs

The conversation between Kyle and Erika might be a carbon copy of the one they had in Mykonos, but it's great all the same.

Hey There, Delilah Belle

Delilah Belle's stream-of-consciousness about whether or not it'll be awkward walking in the same show as Gigi given last year's drama is a strong start. Sadly, it devolves into catwalk dry runs that don't go anywhere.

Sure, Sure, The Talking Cure

Eileen has a therapy session with Kelly, the world's softest-spoken person. I'm glad she's making progress as she deals with her losses, and maybe, depending which way you lean, the exchange about embracing and not apologizing for grief to those around you is helpful given the torrential downpour of bad news we've received on a daily basis the past few months. In that regard, feel free to watch, you've earned it. Personally, I was put off by the conceit that her emotions are affecting her son, purely because we haven't encountered it in her arc. More than anything, though, it really took me out of this cozy duster of an episode. I'm sorry!

...Ugh, this is exactly what Kelly talked about, isn't it?

"That's The Georgia Redneck Coming Out."

Stir-crazy, the women head out to jet ski. Kyle and Cool Ranch take one; Erika goes solo; LVP stands on the shore watching from afar. Erika's in her element, literally doing circles around Kyle, who's driving as you'd expect. For better or for worse, the heavily played clip of an "accident" turns out to be of Erika, who falls making a turn and who's completely fine, living her best life and eager to go again. Even if you're bogged down by all seven stages of grief as you transition from feeling cheated out of an injury to dealing with the awful person you are for that flicker of disappointment, it's still a fun ride. Enjoy, asshole!

The Table Featured In Annie Hall

Both there for NYFW, Camille (her daughter Mason also walked in a show) and RinnUGH meet up. Naturally, their children are the conversation's entry point. RinnUGH says Mason's mature for her age and Camille points out she's had to be, given the last few years. She goes on to say she wishes she could communicate with Kelsey so they could co-parent because the current situation's unfair to their kids; she's moved past the divorce and truly forgiven him. Communication wouldn't be weird, at least not on her end.

RinnUGH ties this back to Eden, Kim, and Kyle, saying she realizes she finally realizes she can't fix anyone and doesn't want to be involved anymore. Camille agrees with the sentiment because she doesn't think she or Eden should be involved. Rinna agrees, saying she told Eden to back off en route to the Gatsby party. You can practically smell the rubber of her tennis shoes burning now that her feet are so close to the flame. She's real nervous about Mexico.

Through The Woods

Back in Mexico, Kyle and LVP go for a walk. LVP comments on the greenery with a Garden of Eden, setting herself up to tell Kyle everything Eden told her about RinnUGH. Kyle's resistant at first, but eventually LVP tells her that Eden apologized because RinnUGH distorted the truth about their relationship and Kim's sobriety, and that her intentions, though misguided, were pure at heart. Suddenly, everything starts making sense and Kyle's understandably enraged.

Catching A Big Fish

The others banter in the living room after Mauricio says he caught the tuna they'll be served tonight. Kyle and LVP rejoin the group and the action moves to the table, where everyone's a little tight and the conversation can stumble from Harry Hamlin's pies to a grossly edited conversation about the ineptitude of Jewish handymen. (Erika, send all the haters to me.)

Tipsy, Kyle says this is the last calm night they'll have because RinnUGH arrives tomorrow and she's not excited about it. She and LVP tell everyone why. Erika's hesitant, but Eden backs her up, saying that it makes sense considering how strongly Eden talked about Kim having, at the time, only met her once. Then she spills the beans about Eden's use of medication for anxiety and RinnUGH's Xanax-laced smoothies and economy-sized bag of pills, and how strange it all is. Here, Kyle officially laments the situation with Eden -- she thinks she's a hypocrite for, like Kim, also using pills, though -- and says she no longer blames her for her reaction, but blames RinnUGH for igniting it.

The Next Day…

Kyle's torn. She wants to have fun, but the situation's weighing on her. She doesn't want to confront RinnUGH, but she also doesn't want to flat-out ignore her because in her mind that's just as bad. (Having already seen one of Mauricio's events torpedoed by drama, I'd argue that's not the case.) Relaxing in the pool when RinnUGH arrives, she greets her with an ice-cold shoulder as opposed to the margaritas everyone else enjoyed.


There's turbulence along the way, but this is a trip worth taking.

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