Phaedra Gets A Hand Grenade And Matt's Birthday Bombs On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

There's also a DUI, sensual massage, and the Democratic National Convention, because duh.

Frick & Frack In Washington

Phaedra's getting ready to head to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, which will be both a learning experience and a means for her to spread the word about her own work. It's an exciting, if stressful time for her. Luckily, Porsha's tagging along, so there's sure to be a laugh or two along the way.

Let Them Eat Cake

Entering a way more domesticated chapter of her life, Kenya's throwing a birthday party for Matt and taking Cynthia to suss out a designer cake. What better way to tell your newly single girlfriend that she's not invited to your boyfriend's birthday because it's only couples than surrounded by cake? Cynthia isn't alone, though, since Shere's not invited either; even though Shere has Bob, Kenya says he won't fit in the vehicles.

Shame by Shere

Shere confronts Kairo about the DUI he got for driving under the influence of marijuana. He tries to talk his way out of it, arguing that it's less severe because he was technically pulled over for an expired tag, not erratic driving. Shere doesn't care, though, and she's right. She tells him she's disappointed because she raised him better than that -- or thought she did -- and that, as a young black man, he has to be smarter and more attuned to the world around him. In a talking head, she says she wants Bob to take a more active role in parenting him.

Advice, Bar None

OLG's still behind schedule, and Kandi's understandably pissed about it. Enter Peter, who's wearing a pink shirt -- it
feels significant enough to bear mentioning -- and there for a walkthrough. Todd gives him the lay of the land; outside, they lament the fact that Apollo isn't there to see it come together. It's as awkward and awful as it sounds. Things kick into high gear when Peter starts talking about Cynthia ("I wish she was as strong as I am, but she's not"), and Todd uses it as a springboard to wonder whether or not he and Kandi are spending too much time together. Gross.

House Hunters

One of the conditions of the divorce is that Cynthia has to sell her house. Peter doesn't want any money from its sale; he just doesn't want her living in it with someone else. Nice, right? Unless you just can't resist real estate porn -- hey, I can't -- there's really no reason to watch Cynthia and Noel tour this six-bedroom lakeside property, nice as it is.

Black Caucuses

Phaedra and Porsha arrive at the DNC.

Back in Atlanta, Shere takes Kairo to Bob's for a family sit-down, because she thinks he needs positive male reinforcement, and though she tries, she can't give him that.

Phaedra leads a roundtable discussion on gun violence and the Black Lives Matter movement with an array of people ranging from Judge Mathis to the director of the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Bob tells Kairo that he's not mad he smoked weed. Turns out Bob has a medical marijuana card because when he retired from playing football, he decided he wasn't going to be like those players who need and get addicted to opioids. However, he's pissed that Kairo wasn't more responsible about it. He apologizes, though it's not really clear whether he's taking it as seriously as he should or not.

Phaedra, however, is moved and emboldened by the experience, closing her event out by saying that she's even more inspired to continue her work in Flint and with her foundation.

Porsha -- already an afterthought this week -- has to leave because of a commitment with Dish Nation but wishes Phaedra luck as she heads to visit Apollo in prison.

Mama Joyce & Bedroom Kandi

Kandi's telling Todd he's letting himself go, and asking him to take a shower because he hasn't "washed his balls" in three days and he's developed some serious "ball stank." Cue Mama Joyce, who materializes like a drunk Endora and brings them to the guest house...where she's set up a massage table and sprinkled handcuffs and lube and oils around. To her credit, it's a nice, seriously upsetting gesture. However, I'm still laughing over her deadpan delivery of "They work so hard. Well, Kandi does."

Lemons Into Lemonade

The episode "squeezes" in a mention of both Hillary Clinton and Beyonc's Lemonade. The latter arrives when Cynthia tells Kenya that she toured the home and placed a bid on it because she's always turning lemons into lemonade.

Meanwhile, Kenya tells Cynthia about her relationship with Matt, which is essentially her own personal lemon grove. Apparently Matt got upset over a picture that she picture of her and Jay-Z (!) that she posted for Throwback Thursday. Yikes.

Better to skip this nothing scene and pretend the series isn't responding to Lemonade so much as accidentally, blessedly, in conversation with it.

Inessential Oils

Kandi puts on some lingerie and Todd maybe washes his balls (probably not) in preparation of their guest house rendezvous. Later, she sits back and he gives her a rubdown. Already in uncomfortable territory, they double down by talking about how they're the only happily married couple among the burning wreckage of their friends' personal lives while he paints on her with some Bedroom Kandi.

Birthday Bombs

It's Matt's birthday! Only there's one small problem: he's in California with his sister, which makes it especially awkward as Todd and Kandi and some others (seriously, can someone properly introduce Lena before I lose my mind?) arrive to ride ATVs and he's nowhere in sight. Not wanting to make any awkward phone calls (how is this better?), Kenya tells them she wanted to make the most of it and enjoy a day of fun regardless, which everyone seems to be onboard with, if not just entertaining her and her very, very sad story. At lunch, they talk about Kenya's relationship and how Matt's insecurities affect them, all the while dancing around the fact that he's considerably younger.

Actual Bombs

En route to visit Apollo in prison, Phaedra's attempt at reining in her nerves is pretty much in vain once she gets a call saying that someone's made a bomb threat at her office. She pulls over, scrambling to get kids out of the house and make sure everything's okay back in Atlanta. It's odd seeing her so shaken and about to go in to talk to her estranged husband.

Back in Atlanta, everyone hears the news and processes it. Thankfully, for once, Kenya isn't digging her heels into Phaedra's misfortune.


A moderately thin episode that chugs along, flirting with the bigger picture and providing a great distraction in the process.

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