Can Marcus Lemonis Keep A Family Swimwear Business From Sinking On The Profit?

And other questions about the midseason premiere.

Why isn't "one of those choices" for where to locate a bathing-suit company Miami?

Yes, the country's fashion loci are generally understood as New York and Los Angeles, but it's a swimwear company; Miami seems like an excellent place to base that, as far as the ease of finding focus groups or beta-testing new looks nearly year-round.

More to the point, this is where Marcus Lemonis's historic...not "blind spot" when it comes to online retail, because I can't imagine he actually has one there, but failure to integrate that idea into the show is once again noticeable and rather baffling. This sizable consumer would rather eat jalapeño glass shards than try on bathing suits "in the wild." Far better to order three or four and try them on at home. I don't think that's a tiny-minority position, either, so if that's your demo, who cares where it's based?

I get that the whole family shouldn't be going back and forth between Jersey and Florida, but the problem there is not so much the location as the personnel, and we'll get to him.

In fact, let's start getting that over with now.

Does Lemonis think it's productive to take that "let's alllll put on our listening ears!" tone with Charlie during the NYDJ meeting?

Charlie is tone-deaf and annoying; the blaring right up top about setting up that fugazi trade-show booth with IKEA shit is uncomfortable to watch, and matters don't improve later. But if he can't read a room then, is a corporate-speak slap across the jaw now going to help?

Based on what we see later, I suppose it's possible Lemonis tried to take a shaming route with Charlie, then realized that wouldn't work because...nothing would, and reverted to blowing sunshine up his ass on-camera with a view to leaving Mary Ellen in full charge once everything was said and done. But he's the only family member in Miami and the only one whose confusion about his role and strengths persists throughout. If he's not fired up top, shouldn't he get fired after the two-assistants thing, or one of his vague and bullshitty "well but I had a lot of things to do!!" protests?

Charlie's relationship to the business and to Lemonis has an odd, hyperactive-kid-brother vibe, desperate to impress but completely oblivious as to how to get that done, despite Lemonis being very clear in this situation and to anyone who's watched more than an episode of The Profit.

And it's not flirty looks and non-specific excuses, I'm pretty sure.

Couldn't we have seen an edit of Chuck's negative comments about the prints that didn't feel so manipulated?

I don't doubt he was exactly that balky and dismissive, but the "wah WAH" editing didn't have that effect.

And where was the pushback on "white on the skin is a tough thing"?

Not all skin is white, is A. B, not all marble is white; a grey-with-white-marbling print would look just as cool. And while I'm up, don't object to that print and say nothing about the one that had the palm frond sprouting out of the cradle of love, noam sayin'?

Anyone else distracted by Mary Ellen's uncanny resemblance to Caroline Dhavernas?

Don't get me wrong, the cognitive dissonance of hearing the dulcet pronunciations of my Nort' Jersey homeland coming out of Dr. Alana Bloom's face is kind of fun.


More fun than realizing, as I did just now, that Charlie looks sort of like Johnny Bananas (on the right, here). As the fish once said, sorry, Charlie.

It's great that "we have a design process that we will follow." Can we...hear what it is?

Is it what we'd just seen, the print-pitch process? Is it Mary Ellen taking the lead on drafting and vision boards? The current workflow was dysfunctional, it's apparent, but we didn't get a great sense of that, either, just a couple talking-heads of Lemonis dragging Chuck for getting inspiration from current/past styles in department stores. I feel like The Profit used to do better with giving us the lay of the land at the business du jour, then walking us through the evolution (or not) after Lemonis comes in. I'm happy for Mary Ellen, who was clearly a boss waiting for a big chair, but of late these makeovers have felt a bit contrived.

How is Charlie a "real asset" for the company?

Sorry to keep coming back to this and I don't want to seem like I'm crapping on the kid (..."kid"; he's in his thirties), but if he didn't physically put the booth together, what exactly has he done, ever? What does he bring? What are his skills? What did the booth require that means his computerized assembly of it is essential to the company's new iteration?

Because it seems to me like he doesn't really want to be there anymore, but even more than that, he doesn't want to walk away and not have it make a substantive difference whether he's there or not -- or improve productivity. So the play would seem to be to find Charlie something he can slam-dunk and leave on a high note with, bonus check in hand, company legend cemented, so the grown-ups can get on with things. And maybe that was the play, but that's not how it read to me.

Any Lemojis to share?

Ohhhhh, all right.

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