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Read Pete Holmes's Letter About The Cancellation Of His Talk Show


In my pre-holiday weekend goof-off (hello, X-Men: Days Of Future Past screening at 10:45 AM on Friday!), I missed the news that TBS had cancelled The Pete Holmes Show, which I...guess was the point of announcing it on the Friday before a long weekend.

It seemed like the show was still working out some kinks -- it changed format a bit between Seasons 1 and 2 -- but I generally liked what I saw; the recent Ben Schwartz episode was especially charming. And if you know Holmes at all from his podcast, you probably could have predicted that his open Facebook letter to his fans about the cancellation would be generally positive and grateful. "I got to work everyday in a magical chocolate factory of joy side by side with some of my best friends laughing and being silly all day. And then I got to share it with our fans. It was an absolute dream come true."

Aw! Petey Pants. I am grateful that we'll still have You Made It Weird.


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