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Reason Amazon dropped the entire season the same day.


What Other Police Procedurals Might The Man In The High Castle Have In Store?

And other not-quite-burning questions about S02.E02.

Who's the next actor to have played a Law & Order-verse tech to show up on TMITHC?

Two of my favorite performances on the show come from Joel de la Fuente as Kido and Brennan Brown as Robert the antiques fence -- and they've both played Law & Order techs. Granted, Brown only did so in a single episode, but once I started imagining Leslie "M.E. Rodgers" Hendrix as the bad-ass landlady of a resistance safehouse in Portland, I needed it to happen.


I'd also suggest Noel Fisher (the murderous Dale Stuckey on SVU) as The Man In The High Castle's excitable filing assistant; Tamara Tunie (M.E. Warner, also on SVU) as the velvety voice of Radio Free Neutral Zone; and Mike Doyle (Ryan O'Halloran, who got killed by Dale) as a colleague of John Smith's who's actually a mole.

Would Juliana know the dislocated-shoulder trope?

I mean, of course we all knew it, and I think I said out loud that Juliana's driver would do it on two -- or on one, once he got called out on the two thing -- but is that a situational cliché anyone would have been exposed to, even in our "real" timeline, by the early '60s? I suppose it's possible that a woman with aikido training might have seen more dislocations than the average civilian, and might have seen that very trick used, but it seems like such a scripted-entertainment trope to me, it kind of out-clevered itself and took me out of the moment.

Really with the slut-shaming your mom, Juliana?

Yeah yeah, "it was a different time." Anne's rationale, namely that Juliana's father had died and everyone thought they would too back then, made perfect sense to me even in light of less permissive attitudes about ladies getting it on -- and under Juliana's current circs, it probably should have gone without saying to her. (Not to mention that a lot of mothers -- i.e., mine -- would slap the taste out of her mouth for a comment like that.) Plus when you see who they cast as George Dixon, it's clear Anne had very good reason for dropping trou. In...my opinion.

At least that bit of the scene gave me something to hold onto, as it started out non-credibly -- as often happens on TV, the reluctant possessor of information doesn't either refuse to divulge it and leave the conversation, or sigh and spit it out already, but drags out the revelation via seemingly endless non-sequiturs; also, if Trudy's dead, who cares? Juliana doesn't seem likely to tell Arnold Trudy wasn't his -- and ended confusingly. It's entirely possible I don't remember things I ought to have from Season 1 and should have rewatched before S2 dropped, but: Trudy is dead, right? And why exactly is Juliana on Trudy's real father's trail -- because Trudy was after the movies? Anne exposits that Trudy left home because she found out Dixon was her biological father, but does one have anything to do with the other, or did I miss something?

What other Reichverse TV shows can we look forward to seeing title cards for?

I made a list.

  • Panzer 54, Where Are You?
  • Mannicht
  • Bavaria 5-0
  • MiSSion Impossible
  • Tenspeed And Brownshirt
  • Dieter Gunn

Isn't it time to fish or cut bait with Joe's loyalties?

As of the end of the episode, he's off to meet his father for the first time, but when it's totally not Hitler, why should we care? I think TMITHC wants us to assume at this point that Joe isn't a double agent, merely an unsatisfied Nazi operative who doesn't buy the party line, but if that's the case, it should transition him from the latter into the former; otherwise, he's not terribly interesting, and the writing should try to explore this father-son conflict indirectly, via a plot Joe's at the center of.

Does Trade Minister Tagomi remind anyone else of Mad Men's Lane Pryce?

Maybe it's the glasses.

Michael Yarish / AMC; Netflix

Michael Yarish / AMC; Netflix

Just me? Okay then.

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