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Reason Amazon released the whole season the same day.

How Do You Mourn The Man In The High Castle?

And other burning questions sparked by S02.E07!

How did John end up in his position?

Let's do a little qualitative math here: John Smith is middle-aged and of American birth; we know he fought for the Allies during war. So how is it that, only fifteen years later, he's now the Obergruppenführer? Practicalities of assimilation aside, how does a man go from being raised in the U.S., losing a brother to a genetic disease, and fighting for the Allies to being Hitler's best buddy? That's a huge mental jump, and it's pretty clear that the dissonance is beginning to catch up when John starts to lose it a bit at the doctor's funeral. But also: it's a hugely fascinating psychological subject of particular current relevance (and already was before the most recent U.S. presidential election, when this season's episodes were in the process of being written) that this show seemingly has no interest in exploring! Save for the fact that John is desperate to save Thomas, he doesn't seem to be disillusioned with the Reich otherwise, nor does he show any signs that he's willing to head to the Neutral Zone in order to keep his family together. Why is he so loyal?

Is John just going to kill everyone?

I hope not, because that show was called Dexter. It was way more cheery. That aside, though, this plan just wouldn't be practical; no one would miss the doctor's wife, but Juliana's kind of a big deal. That's annoying, but true.

How gross is Bob?

So gross! Like, he actually comes off as more of a creep than Hitler. Sure, Bob helps Ed get high, but any dude who coaches his prostitute to praise him for being "cultured" and "refined" doesn't deserve any sort of benefit of the doubt; he deserves extermination (not in the Nazi sense, just the regular kind). And now that I type that, I have a new question: Bob's a hero on Reddit, isn't he? No one tell me the answer, I won't be able to go on if it's confirmed.

Was this the doctor of Trump's dreams?

Coke for everyone! Hitler too, probably. Just claim it's for your sinuses and no questions will be asked.

It's weird that there's a giant picture of Hitler behind the casket?

I get that it's the Reich and that swastikas are everywhere (including the floral arrangements), but did no one think, for just a moment, that perhaps requiring a giant, towering photo of the Führer to be displayed directly behind the coffin at a funeral was a little too on the nose, especially in light of the fact that the dude was supposedly ill? The Nazis had (have?) a pretty good PR department in real life, but this reads as a misstep.

Thomas and Ed both have crushes on Juliana?

Thomas is pretty easy to read, but this is new information about Ed, assuming that I'm assuming correctly. Unless maybe he was talking about Trudy? What do other girls in the resistance have to do to get noticed/not get caught up with Frank?

Is no one concerned that the Trade Minister has disappeared into an alternate universe?

...because that's literally what happened last episode. And now Inspector Kido can't even be bothered to notice that his main nemesis is missing? That's kinda rude, tbh.

What happens without Hitler?

Is Joe's father about to be the #1 Nazi? Or will there be a power struggle between Nazi America and Nazi Germany? Will John be able to leverage this to keep Thomas safe at home?

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