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Reason Amazon released the whole season the same day.

Ask The Man In The High Castle's Dud Turned Stud

Frank Frink is no longer the boy that was punished for having such a silly name. He's a bomb-extractin' ladies' man now.

Q Dear Dud Turned Stud,

People hate me even though I have some charm. I mean, everybody knows a guy who talks up a big game and thinks he knows everything and then when real shit goes down becomes another sniveling, blubbering idiot. It's always fun when he gets comeuppance, right? And what thanks do I get from my best buddy -- whose life I tried to save before he figured he would rather be owned by the Yakuza for the rest of his life -- for reminding him to breathe to keep him from blowing up into smithereens (long story)? He goes off to hang with some chick he just met while I need his help not getting killed by a certain Japanese mafia. My question is how do I get women?

Yakuza's Bitch

A Dear Yakuza's Bitch,

Sounds like you got to get rid of some baggage. It's easier to say goodbye to an old flame if she had your sister and her kids killed, did whatever she wanted even when you were trying to help her, and opted to live with Nazis instead of continue the relationship. Then you just have to keep yourself preoccupied, and another lady will magically come along to replace a recently deceased one to fulfill some sort of Resistance quota. Ask her about her awful, no-good childhood to distract yourself from detonating a bomb and call her a "firebrand." That's when the S-bomb goes off, you feel me?

Q Dear Dud Turned Stud,

I have had terrible luck with men lately. I tried to kiss another man to avoid getting killed, and he turned out to be married! I visited a man I have feelings for and was told by his ex that he went to Berlin. The one gentleman caller I managed to track down likes to call me late at night, from across the street. How do I get this man to listen to what I have to say? He's kind of my savior (long story).

Julia Mills, from Seattle

A Dear Julia Mills, from Seattle,


I'm a smart guy, you know? I wear glasses. Tell your savior this world isn't worth saving with a bunch of liars running around, lying all the time like it's their first language.

Okay, I'm calm. Take him to a movie, where there are witnesses. One that plays at a drive-in, not at the "repertory theater" with certain "arty" films, if you catch what I'm throwing.

Q Dear Dear Dud Turned Stud,

I'm trying to change the world for the better. Sometimes we make sacrifices for the greater good, like, hypothetically speaking, letting ten people die. But I feel really bad after letting a man into my pants so he would let us mold him into a lean, mean, at-times-bespectacled resistance machine. How do I make sure he doesn't get all moody and hang out with his weird friend again?

Sara, definitely not Sarah with a lame h at the end

A Dear Sara, definitely nor Sarah with a lame h at the end,

I think I love you.

Q Dear Dud Turned Stud,

I got to know my absentee father and guess what? He sucks! He's a literal Nazi, and even as a Nazi, he's a garbage person. I want to follow Peter Gibbons's footsteps (he's a character in some weird movie I saw once, shown to me by a former co-worker of the character...it's a long story) and go into construction, but he's making it hard. I feel like I'm just drifting, and I have nobody to confide in. Anyway, there's a pretty lady here who is really into me, I think, but she wants me to continue being a spy and shit. What do I do?

Jrake. Boe Jrake.

A Dear Jrake. Boe Jrake,

At least you have family you can still turn to, Boe. Also, let me get this straight: a good-looking woman wants you to be a spy, and you have a chance to continue being a cool spy who attracts good-looking women, and you would rather hang out with sweaty men and teamsters all day and watch American Reich all night? If I were your father I'd smack some sense into you.

But yeah, there's a chance she's a Nazi gold digger. And a much bigger chance she's working for your old man.

Q Dear Dear Dud Turned Stud,

I murdered my son's doctor and am going to get away with it, but my wife chose to get upset with me now after I killed someone. How do I get her to stop feeling human? Keep in mind I might have to ship said son off to a faraway land and she's kind of attached to him.

Skeptical of Hitlercare

A Dear Skeptical of Hitlercare,

It's hard to stop feeling human, but sometimes you just have to take care of business. Might I suggest making counterfeit items to get some stress out? That's a nice, profitable hobby. Or you can start to wear glasses. When times get tough, I like to take them off, examine myself in the mirror or look toward the floor, regain my composure, and put my glasses back on so I can get the crap kicked out of me physically and mentally again.

Q Dear Dear Dud Turned Stud,

How do I tell the woman who helped me get my jerk boss to stamp an order he's totally going to regret that I appreciate her? She likes giving advice and I like giving her the cold shoulder.

By Reading This You Have Agreed to an NDA

A Dear By Reading This You Have Agreed to an NDA,

She sounds like she could be trouble down the line. I am sorry to say you have to do what is right and kill her. I doubt you've ever ended a life before, but you know, it isn't so bad? You get sex out of it. My new girlfriend would totally agree.

Q Dear Dud Turned Stud,

I have learned to meditate into a parallel universe -- one with my beautiful wife, hot dogs, and a Willie Mays. I wish I could stay there forever, but I do not know how. Do you believe in parallel universes? The I Ching? How much stock should I take in these waking dreams?

Cherry Blossom Lover

A Dear Cherry Blossom Lover,

Can I have whatever in the living hell you're taking? One dose for me and one for my true love Sara?

Whatever those visions of yours are, I think you should try to eat one of those hot dogs and remember those dreams. We might need to be reminded of what we could have before this waking nightmare completely envelops us like those fogs we always get here in these parts.

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