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Old Reliable

Ruxin's faces lift up another subpar A-plot.

Fantasy Realness


Jenny's height-dominated roster gives us the episode's title, "The Height Supremacist," and Pete forces her into a face-saving trade, but there's very little fantasy action this week.

Ruxin Voluptuous Horror-Faces


With Ruxin in Korea for most of the episode, we get the Porta-Ruxin versions, but that somehow makes them even better.

Screens: FX

Screens: FX

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A couple of these aren't actually voluptuous horror but still are simply too good to pass up. A-plus, Nick Kroll.

Player On Sarah's Team Is Referenced


At press time, Sarah was silent, maybe due to her just-born niece, maybe due to the choking effect of fantasy rage. Who's to say?

As An Actor, You're A Fantastic Tight End


Darren Sproles appears, and at the risk of being lumped in with Jenny, I'll say he's short on acting talent.

Taco's Jokey Kramer Thing Du Jour Is Kind Of Legit


Initially, Taco wants to get into the real-estate game. Who needs money when you've got such professional marketing?


However, he ends up selling his Eskimo Brother Database business to "Mark from Cuba" -- or, as he's more familiarly known to everyone except Taco, Mark Cuban -- and since this makes Taco a before-tax millionaire, I kind of have to award him all the points.

Shut Up, Jenny


Like, Jenny, you might REALLY want to consider an extended vacation from verbal communication, because what starts as a jokey Seinfeld-reject observation turns into you legit alienating Kevin's differently-statured DA. How are those house sales going?

Character Actor Alert!


Pretty light; Seth Morris returns as Pete's boss Bill Haddock; Bethesda (Rob Riggle) is mentioned but doesn't appear.

Too Far/Too Soon/Too Rafi


Ruxin's mission in Korea is to defend the manufacturers of the ferry that "allegedly tipped over and killed all those people"; one very morally defensible stratagem he's considering is suggesting that the craft capsized because everyone on board decided to check something out on one of its sides.

Fashions By Andre


Mostly, it's the usual mix of terrible hats and cornea-searing shirts -- although the t-shirt and a half in this shot kind of defies belief...


...but when the guys won't tell Andre what his punishment for Jay Glazer feeding him lines over the prior two episodes is, he decides to preemptively punish himself by calling himself "on-DRAY-uh" while wearing the outfit, and it is everything. (Although I'm kind of surprised it didn't lead to any lines about his sister?)

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As Jenny says, it's the best he's ever looked; who would have thought one of Ed Hardy's best customers would walk around in Manolo Blahniks?

Stand-Up Peg Jammed Into Sitcom Hole


As alluded to earlier, the "height supremacist" bit is too jokey to sustain an entire episode; the whole thing seems reverse-engineered from the "Adolf Height-ler" line, which isn't so hilarious to begin with. The bit with Taco being unable to decide whether to talk to Pete in the van or the kiosk (although I love the kiosk itself) also drags and feels a little vaudeville for this show; it's lucky for this episode that I could watch Porta-Ruxin all day.

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