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'Fantasy Football IS My Religion!'

Ruxin makes a delicious kosher meal of the scenery.

Taco's meta comments in last night's The League about how the gang always stand around the same bar, having the same punny discussions each week about what to call such-and-so sex act or poo-adjacent event, didn't really work...and because of why they didn't work (it's true, but it took Jonathan Lajoie too long to spit it out and the editing didn't help him), they came back around to working again. Just like The League the last couple years, it's still funny, but a little self-satisfied, and it dragged a bit.

The wet-spot "A story" didn't even rise to the level of desperation; it's a hacky topic that either the show's done before and the Schaffers just forgot, or got rejected a dozen times but the Schaffers no longer care enough to think of something else. That a couple of Jenny and Kevin's age and marital/family situation hasn't boarded the 6:30 to Mirena Acres is really not credible. And even my beloved Ike Barinholtz couldn't bail out the Deflategate plot involving his girlfriend's implants (that he seemed on the verge of cracking and giggling on most of his line deliveries made it seem funnier than it was, for a while).

The only real reason to watch "Deflategate" is Nick Kroll, whose Ruxin is trying valiantly to get an individual kosher meal at work instead of having to eat family-style with his double-dipping colleagues. The gag isn't that funny on its face, I don't buy that Ruxin wouldn't know what a Shabbos goy is, and it's mostly an excuse to let Rob Riggle do that bit about putting a Peep in his fraternity brother's poop chute -- but it works, not least because it's delivered and cut faster and more nimbly than the rest of the ep. Riggle's Warburtony Bethesda is a goon, but he's got a lot packed into his exchanges with Ruxin, and Riggle doesn't linger too long on the jokes (...Katie Aselton) or cheat them so he looks like less of a dingle (...Stephen Rannazzisi, unsuccessfully).

Kroll's flawless huck of the bacon-bits container over his shoulder into the bookcase is a pretty sweet piece of business, but it's his plastic look of complete revulsion when Bethesda reminds Ruxin that it's Yom Kippur and he's supposed to be fasting that makes the episode. Ruxin makes a variation on that face at least once an episode and every time it makes the entire enterprise worthwhile.

Screen: FXX; GIF: Previously.TV

Screen: FXX; GIF: Previously.TV

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