Watch Stephen Colbert's Closing Monologue From The Late Show's Live Election Special

'You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time.' Does hysterical cackling count?

When Stephen Colbert agreed to do a live special starting at 11 PM ET on Election Night, he probably thought -- like the rest of us did, based on polls that turned out to be spectacularly wrong! -- that things would be tilting more toward one candidate than another, and maybe that the election would actually be called mid-episode, given how early the results became clear during the last two presidential elections. Instead, he had to continue broadcasting as the news got worse and worse for Democrats and wrap things up with the result still in question. Now, of course, we do know that Donald Trump is America's President-elect, and if that has you feeling despondent and terrified, this closing monologue might not help much. But maybe the whole nation can rally behind the idea of never having another election like this again???


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