Photo: Jeffrey R. Staab / CBS

Watch Michelle Obama Tell Stephen Colbert Her Post White-House Plans

And look fabulous doing so -- but you knew that.

Michelle Obama and Stephen Colbert both spent part of the weekend at the Global Citizen Festival (as did Nev Schulman, but you know, it's charity; you probably can't ask anyone to stop volunteering his time no matter how asinine he is about it). If you follow either Colbert or Obama on social media, you will have seen them since then tweeting on the #62milliongirls hashtag to raise awareness of the worldwide education gap keeping that number of potential female students from being educated -- so naturally, when Colbert asked Obama last night during her visit to his show what she plans to do after her husband's done being President, that initiative comes up. But then she goes on to say what else she looks forward to doing in her post-Presidency life, and is...typically hilarious about it. I love her so much, and I would like to buy her whole look, head to toe.