Watch Jake Tapper Discuss Donald Trump's Contentious Relationship With CNN On The Late Show

'What is it like in the halls over there knowing that...the President actively doesn't like your network?' 'I don't think anybody cares.'

As someone who has a series pass for CNN's daily version of The Lead With Jake Tapper, and who saves the Sunday edition to watch as a reward for getting through Meet The Press, Face The Nation, This Week With George Stephanopoulos, and Reliable Sources (and who, yes, may have kind of a news consumption problem): I can't let pass the opportunity to share with you Jake Tapper's full interview from last night's Late Show. I'm especially glad that it gave Tapper so many opportunities to show the world that his face is capable of smiling, because you wouldn't know it if all you saw were his interviews with Kellyanne Conway, PARTICULARLY THIS ONE FROM TUESDAY WHICH IS HOT FIRE. Anyway: here he is in a relaxed mood! He deserves this.


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