Let Your Dads Stephen Colbert And Joe Biden Sit You Down For A Family Meeting On The Late Show

Plus: the FULL conversation about Biden's plans for 2020!

Stephen Colbert is one of America's dadliest dads, but even he can be out-dadded by a Papa. And on last night's Late Show, he and guest Joe Biden joined forces to sit you down for a very serious family meeting -- and you know, they seem like they're just talking about mowing the lawn, but I'm not sure that's what's actually on their minds!

ALSO: even if you already watched and enjoyed the tease from Biden's interview that CBS released last night, you need to watch the full ten-minute segment in which Biden discusses both this presidential election and the next...

...and about the cancer moonshot and what it has meant for Biden, having lost his son Beau to the disease last year.


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