Watch A Bonus Video From The Killing Season That Takes The Case To Chillicothe

How TKS relates to ID's The Vanishing Women.

Investigation Discovery's tried of late to move away from its reputation as kind of a parody of itself, and to raise its game quality-wise to keep even with the likes of The Jinx, Making A Murderer, and even some of ESPN's 30 For 30s. The Vanishing Women -- which looked into the deaths and disappearances of six women in a small town in Ohio over the course of a year, and asked whether a literal serial killer was responsible, or a figurative version in the form of the nationwide heroin epidemic -- isn't perfect, but it's a huge leap forward for ID vis-a-vis editing, lack of filler, narrative integrity for lack of a better word...even the quality of the film stock (I know it's all shot on digital these days but you know what I'm saying) seems less budge.

That the troubled lost women of Chillicothe probably fell prey not to a person but to the ancillary dangers of their substance-abuse diseases becomes clear fairly quickly, but The Vanishing Women's documentation of that makes the series worthwhile...and I've thought along similar lines about The Killing Season to date. As of this writing, TKS is six episodes in, and has ranged down to Daytona Beach, FL and into Jersey, examining other groups of murdered/vanished sex workers in other communities. It's unlikely that the groups of cases connect...but the attempt is significant, because it respects and values a high-risk group of victims who don't often get the thorough investigations they deserve.

Aaaaanyway: in this A&E bonus vid, Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills head to a vigil in Chillicothe to shine TKS's light on the group of Chillicothe deaths.

Does it shed additional light on who may have committed the Gilgo Beach crimes? No. But perhaps the point is the crimes we as a culture commit by not caring for/about our most vulnerable citizens, and making some victims "more" victim than others because of choices they've had to make.

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