Watch The First Teaser For Hulu's Series Adaptation Of The Handmaid's Tale

Then go make those donations to progressive causes that you've been putting off.

Hulu's adaptation of Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel The Handmaid's Tale -- a dystopian story about the U.S. after it's become an evangelical theocracy in which fertile women are enslaved as breeding stock for powerful men whose wives can no longer conceive -- SURE HAS BECOME DISTURBINGLY TIMELY, HUH. At Hulu's panel for the show this weekend at the Television Critics Association press tour, the casting of Alexis Bledel as Ofglen, a compatriot of Elisabeth Moss's protagonist, Offred, was finally announced, though you can only really spot her in the teaser below for a second, and with half her face obscured by a gag. (More visible is their co-star Samira Wiley.) Watch.

If this vision of what a totally imaginary future in which women's rights have been eroded has disturbed you, perhaps you might look into RAINN and She Should Run.


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