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Can The Get Down's Mylene Please Figure Out Where She Actually Stands With Zeke?

After the friend zone maneuver of the century, Mylene figures that a personal gift will keep Zeke pining for her. Not cool, Mylene. Not cool.

There's one thing that Ms. Green, Zeke's teacher, got right: Zeke is a smart, great kid. And the way he's managed to navigate his way through heartbreak is seriously admirable. I'd have pretty much grabbed a pint of the earliest '70s equivalent of Ben & Jerry's and gone to town if Mylene acted so hot and cold with me.

After totally dissing Zeke earlier, Mylene tries her hardest, again, to win him back in The Get Down's third episode, "Darkness Is Your Candle." But Zeke has other things on his mind -- notably, figuring out a way to replace all of the DJ equipment that was lost in the fire at Shaolin's place.

Zeke tries to take the honorable route by helping his Uncle do some handywork at Les Inferno, but after Cadillac accuses the pair of slacking on the job (and realizes that, hey, Zeke is the kid who kinda-sorta messed up his game with Mylene during the night of the shooting), they get kicked out with no pay. Shaolin tries to earn some money through the club as well, by "joining the family" of Fat Annie, who promises him some cash-worthy opportunities for his loyalty.

Then there's Mylene. Pretty much banished by her family after standing her ground at the church, she knows that Jackie has taken quite an interest in her talent. In fact, she's scheduled to meet with him and discuss her budding career. Not only does she gift Zeke a brand new notepad (with his initials on it! Fancy!), she also wants him to be really excited about her budding career. Zeke is all like, "thanks, but no thanks! L8R!" (That might not be a direct quote.)



Francisco and Jackie think the best way to avoid any kind of scam, and to truly support Mylene, is to cut her demo themselves. Bringing other execs into it might get a little messy. It'll cost a lot of money upfront, and based on Jackie's shady dealings (and debt), Francisco makes sure to tell him that, when everything's said and done, this is pretty much his project, not Jackie's.

On the topic of money, the guys come across an old cassette by their hero, Grandmaster Flash, after trying to barter with Larry the salesclerk over a new turntable. Purchasing it for ten bucks, they figure that a surefire way to raise some money will be to "fake DJ" a party, with Flash's cassette playing in the background. So, they want to pull what we know today as a Milli Vanilli. But just like our favorite German R&B lip sync duo, the guys get caught in the act when the tape misfires. Even worse, they get in trouble with people who work with Flash, which means that their once-solid relationship with him might soon be dunzo. The good news? Shaolin wasn't present to see this catastrophe unfold.

Mylene, however, saw things go down when she came inside to try to convince Zeke to go to Manhattan with her, since she'll definitely be recording and wants him there for support. He's the syrup to her pancakes!



But Zeke, still handling this breakup like a pro, realizes that his top priority right now is sorting out this DJ equipment mess. And, uh. Making sure Shaolin doesn't learn about the whole Flash disaster. He wishes Mylene luck, and it's obvious she's kind of upset that he chose the company of people who didn't trample all over his teen emotions.

Zeke's emotions definitely get rattled another way, however: one of the first tasks Fat Annie set Shaolin to do is ditch a car that happens to have a dead body in the trunk. As usual, his friends want to bail, but Zeke stays strong. The passion is deep in this wordsmith, and he knows that they can get in even more trouble if they quit the job midway through. This horrible, horrible thing bonds them as "The Get Down Brothers." (Which is great, since "The Fantastic Four Plus One" was kind of a stale handle.)

In Manhattan, Mylene is having some difficulty with her recording. First, she's set to perform a song (written by a friend of Cadillac...but probably written by Cadillac) called "Boogie Oogie Disco Biscuit." After thinking it was based on some type of cookie, Jackie informs her that the song is really about party quaaludes that make people horny. "The song don't make me feel like that," Mylene exclaims. Instead, it makes her feel stupid, "like a comedy but not funny." So, like a Two And A Half Men marathon, then?



Right after Mylene watches Jackie have a cocaine-infused meltdown, and right after the car-with-a-body-inside hits the river, New York suffers one hell of a blackout. It seems as if lightning took out a powerline, and after hours pass, the town responds with some serious looting. Even The Get Down Brothers decide to steal some equipment from Les Inferno, since Zeke was owed cash for that work he did, and the Les Inferno group never delivered.

The blackout does cause Mylene and Jackie to have a serious moment back in the studio: Jackie finally figures out what songs work best for Mylene, and admits to her that she's talented -- and, well, notes that he's something of a fake. Luckily Mylene sees the best in him, and wants to continue working with him in the future.

(The blackout also reveals a subplot that kind of makes it seem as if Francisco might be Mylene's actual father, but surely that'll be expanded on later.)

Somehow, in an unexplained way, Mylene makes it safely back to the Bronx. She meets up with Zeke, and can tell that something is definitely up with him. She forces him to ask her how recording went, and when he eventually does, she tells him that while no recording was actually done, it was a magical experience.

Then, Zeke breaks down, crying actual, fearful tears. He confides in Mylene that something bad definitely happened, and explains that he had to stare a dead man in the face and send him down the river. It's then that Mylene decides now is the perfect time for romance, and the two of them undress and do some stuff. Obviously, having that real chat in Manhattan, and watching your sometime-love-interest slowly crumble, unleashed those horny feelings "Boogie Oogie Disco Biscuit" failed to.



Seriously, this is the biggest will-they won't-they relationship since the end of Dawson's Creek Season 1. Mylene's initial reason for ditching Zeke is that she'll be a famous singer someday soon and doesn't want to be tied down. Now that her dream actually has a chance of happening, she...leads Zeke on even more. So, yeah, maybe she's realized she was being harsh and does see a future with him that involves more than him revamping her lyrics for free. Or, maybe she just misses the attention he used to give to her. She's too young and inexperienced to understand that sex will confuse this relationship even more.

For Booze Week, we ask:

How many shots of hard alcohol would morph "Boogie Oogie Disco Biscuit" into a good song?

  • No shots necessary. Just a Smirnoff Ice or two would make those lyrics endearing.
  • Just two shots of vodka with a soda chaser, and people would be on the dance floor. Cadillac knows his disco.
  • Three shots of vodka, with a beer chaser. It has the potential to harm precious eardrums.
  • There aren't enough shots in the world to make that piece of garbage sound good.
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