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WTActualF Is With This Jack Kid On The Fosters?

And other questions, new and old, sparked by this week's episode.

Finally, our Fosters are moving a few steps forward, thank goodness. AJ's situation is now in the open, and Stef has told her mom and her wife about the deadly gene that could threaten her future health. It only took three hours of television to get these things sorted, damn. Even though I am hoping for some new stuff to happen, soon, I remain curious and have questions about the following:

Will Jesus resolve his daddy issues?

Spurred on by his new friend's overt curiosity about the twins' bio dad, Jesus finds out from his cousin that the dude in question was probably Ana's old boyfriend, Gabriel, who just happens to work on his uncle's construction site. With more eyebrow clenching than has been seen on TV in years, Jesus goes to peep on the guy and ends up taking a job to work alongside him. I have many emotions about this, as an adoptive parent. I find it very real that this is the first time we're hearing anything much about this guy. When people ask about biological parents, they always, always mean the mother, and "Who's your real mom?" is a question my daughter has already been asked. Nobody even thinks about bio dads relinquishing responsibility until kids are old enough to really understand how babies get made in the first place. So, there is something satisfying about a dad getting held to account, and I hope it's not a case where Ana made the decision without him, or something, because doubling up the mother-blame on her will just tick me off twice as much.

Did I just like Brandon?

In an unprecedented moment of self-awareness, Brandon encourages Mike to take AJ's side against Stef, citing his own MULTIPLE teenage mistakes as proof that kids deserve second chances. I felt a strange twinge when this happened. Even though Brandon had been jealous of AJ's growing relationship with Callie and his increasing closeness to Mike, he...does the right thing? What is this feeling inside me? I like Brandon?! Later, Mat shames him into almost casting Thalia in their rock opera against Brandon's personal feelings, but he is saved from doing so when Mariana auditions and turns out to be the best choice. He is rewarded for his good intentions by getting to smug-lord Mariana's casting over Mat.

Will this be the return of MATIANA?

Yes, that is a portmanteau I just made up, and I'm sticking to it. Please, show, after all the Brandon/Callie nonsense we have had to (and will continue to?) endure, let us have Mariana and Hot Mat. They are cute and sing so well together!

Will Callie ever do the right thing again?

Callie, who thought she had been IMing with AJ in a San Diego location, then receives a call from him from Arizona, where he has been hiding with Ty. As she promised, she immediately tells Stef where he is, thinking Stef is going to pick him up and bring him back to live in blissful fostertude with Mike. Brandon, inspired by how much I am liking him this week, goes the extra mile and gives Callie the lowdown on why Stef is so hot to find Ty. Callie is, of course, mortified and furious and so am I -- she has spent multiple seasons putting herself in jeopardy by not sharing all the necessary information with Stef, and now she finally does it and is betrayed when Stef arrests Ty and AJ. What, then, will her motivation be for being honest with her moms next time she is in crisis? (Because you know there will be so many more next times.)

WTActualF is up with this Jack kid?!

I've asked three times now, and we still don't know. See, it turns out that it wasn't even AJ IMing her from Fost&Found: it was Jude's weird new friend, Jack. After Jude overcomes his initial suspicions about the guy -- who doesn't seem to know any better because he is awkward and has never had a family or friends -- it appears as though Jack is running some kind of game where he's trying to get close to Callie? But to what end? Is he in the employ of Justina? Is he merely catfishing for reasons only he can understand? Am I supposed to feel sorry for him? Right now I only feel confusion.

What will Stef decide (and how will it affect Lena)?

Stef finally comes clean about her BRCA diagnosis, and though it was, I am sure, hard for her to admit that her mom ended up being right and even harder to ask her to stay around to help after the surgery Stef plans to have, I am glad she did. However, I instantly felt gut-wrenching stress for poor Lena. Because I know what is about to happen in that house between her and Sharon, and the only thing that could make dealing with a boundryless, pushy mother-in-law worse than it already is would be to throw five super-dramatic teenagers into the mix. Like, seriously, let's stage a rock opera about that...except we can't, because everyone would leap into a flaming pit by the end of the first act.

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