Screens: ABC Family

The Lids Come Off

The Fosters start slinging truth bombs, but a few big ones remain undetonated.

When Callie wants to take a day off from her ridiculous life and get a good story under her belt, she "kidnaps" Brandon to Mexico to do some illegal hang gliding. It is an absolutely terrible idea, but I do enjoy seeing Brandon almost crash into a cliff. They have a great time...until they almost get arrested, get themselves out of it, and THEN realize, on the wrong side of the border, that they need passports to get home. I have to be honest with you that this is where I questioned the wisdom of becoming a parent. Please, Lord, don't let my child go hang gliding in Mexico.

Then Stef finds a pregnancy test in the trash and Mariana confesses her Wyatt sexcapade to her moms and I start breathing into a bag, because I just can't deal with it. ANYWAY. What was I saying? Oh. Everybody has had four episodes to lie, prevaricate, drag their feet, and generally avoid reality in one way or another. Well, that's over. Some truth-facing is done, and it's seemingly all to the good. Still, you know I've got questions.

How will Stef take it when she finds out about Monte's kiss?

Because that's got to be coming, right? It seems like Lena is the only Adams-Foster still without clarity about her personal responsibility in how her life is going right now. Stef can be really controlling, it's true, and her choice to hire a contractor without Lena's input is an example of that, but Lena's harassment of Stef about how they need counseling because of Stef's behavior? Doctor, heal thyself. Your boss kissed you. You're still keeping it secret. You're being an oversensitive weirdo. It's not ALL Stef's fault.

Brandon's back in Idyllwild. Great. How many weeks until Kat shows up, too?

Is there even such a thing as getting really kicked out of a place on this show? I am glad Brandon seems to have that door open again -- I liked his speech after the hang gliding about how being at Idyllwild felt like he was standing on the edge of a cliff, too afraid to jump. As irritating as I find Brandon, I think his piano story is cool. But he is also right that he should perhaps avoid dramatic girls for a while, which makes me sure Kat will also be back in the program ASAP, sorely needing to have a piano dropped on her from the sky.

Are they about to make Wyatt a villian?

SURELY NOT. My hair boyfriend is innocent. I mean, yes, he had sex with the fifteen-year-old almost-sister of his emotionally vulnerable ex-girlfriend. But his hair, y'all. No, I know. And the previews don't make me feel great about what is about to happen in the Callie/Mariana/Hair triangle. Plus, as great as it is for Mariana to come out of the sex closet to her moms -- whoa, "sex closet" is not exactly what I meant, but go with me -- there's still so much drama awaiting her. She was too young to get herself into this mess, and I am dreading the big reveal to Callie most of all.


Am I the only one who is now one thousand percent invested in AJ?

Forget Brallie, tweens. The new 'ship in the harbor is AJallie! (I don't know how to do this. CAJie? CallAJ!) What? I like them. I mean, is Callie being dumb in even letting the vibe exist between them? YES. I fully admit that. But, come on. The guy is so cute. And he loves his grandmother! And, like, he cried about the racist cop and let Mike Good Will Hunting him into a man-hug. I want him to succeed -- not necessarily in bagging Callie, but in life. Do I love it that the two of them are all hot and bothered and breathing sexily at each other in anticipation through parted lips? No. Close your mouths, God.

But: what is up with AJ's brother, Ty?

You know it's something bad. Is he on the lam in some way? Is he on the straight and narrow? Will he somehow be shot by the racist cop in a commentary on the current (and forever) state of American justice? Really, there are multiple sub-questions here, but the one I am guessing will soon move to the fore is: how will AJ's brother's problems cause Callie's graduation and/or adoption to be further placed in jeopardy? Because we can assume that it's only a matter of time.