The Fosters Dives Deep Into A Beautiful Marriage

Stef and Lena figure out how to face yet another life-changing challenge together.

Watching "Under Water," I was getting so upset about the petty miscommunications and divisive withdrawls between Stef and Lena over Stef's BRCA-1 discovery. After everything these women have been through together, you'd think by now they would be weatherproofed for any storm. But cancer is a bitch of a different order, and it invaded their marriage before it even was able to creep in anywhere else. When Stef chooses to give her mom power of attorney, it does feel small, like she was still punishing Lena for the Monte thing, over which Lena never had any control in the first place. And Lena's mounting frustration over being kept at arm's length was becoming more and more evident -- and a little scary, given Monte's propensity to linger at the edges, never going the hell away despite clear signals that her ass is not wanted. But when the ladies finally break down and confront the real issue -- whether or not they will tough out the difficult reality of this surgery together -- these partners show their true colors.

"You're not going to lose me," Lena says. "What's beautiful about you is so much more than your body. It's your heart and soul. Your mind. Your courage and compassion. I love this life that we've built together. You're my home. And I'm so sorry that I ever said anything that made you feel like I wouldn't find you attractive and sexy and beautiful. I always will."

Reading it typed out brings tears to my eyes, but hearing it...oh, Sherri Saum, where is your Emmy Award? People, I was crying until there were no tears left to cry.

I have joked before that I think these actresses must be a little bit in love with each other, and if they weren't before, surely they are now, especially when they stretch That Moment into steamy pool sex hot enough to elicit multiple "damn!"s in my living room. This relationship is what this show does best, and I was living for it.

As for what it does worst...whatever that is was not on offer this week. Jesus's Hair Clenching and Brandon's Inappropriate Romances aside, it's great from top to bottom. Am I grossed out that Mariana must yet again be negged into liking a dude? Yes, indeed. That pisses me right off. Waste Mariana at your own peril, show. She's beautiful and talented and surely she can be smart enough not to fall for whoever this forty-year-old looking guy is with his little kneepad/blowjob jokes. I refuse to even learn his name. Go on with your trifling self, Hot Rod! Ride off into the sunset with your bad influences.

And take the mysterious Justina with you: we need to get off the pot on this Fost&Found weirdness. I would like to know who the real enemy is, or if there even is one. Now that Callie's family is newly reunified around Stef, I can only hope they will rise up with her and kick the ass of whoever may be working against her.

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