The Daily Show Takes A Smug Break

At various points in recent-ish history, I've gotten annoyed with The Daily Show (and with Jon Stewart in particular) for the way the show (and he) try to have it both ways as a source of news and punditry: you don't get to be all "Hey, we're just a dumb little comedy show" and then do things like debate Bill O'Reilly or throw a Rally To Restore Sanity. Either you're taking a meaningful political position or you're not. But sometimes the show's producers do an extraordinarily good job applying their savage satire to a tangible issue in a way that seems like it might actually bring about meaningful change that makes me have to set aside my mild irritation (like...I do still watch every episode) and congratulate them on really nailing it. Last night's report on an ongoing clusterfuck at the VA was one such instance.


Ironically, at a moment when the show's current producers were evidently showing an appropriate awareness of their potential influence for good, its creator was making an ass of herself. Bet they're really sorry she's not kicking around the writers' room anymore, not.

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