The Daily Show And The Colbert Report End The Week With Supercuts

A couple of weeks ago, when (friend of the site) Dan D'Addario wrote about Jon Stewart's sabbatical from The Daily Show, one of the things he mentioned not expecting to miss among Stewart's tics was "goofy accents" -- and as everyone who watches the show knows, this had to refer to Stewart's "Brooklyn/Jersey/Unspecified Tough Guy" accent, which he likes to do a lot. Apparently, people who work on the show have also noticed how much Stewart leans on this bit, because in last night's episode, in the midst of a segment on a variety of gangland operators (past, present, and unspecified, and by "unspecified" I obviously mean Jimmy Hoffa), it came up.


If it felt a tiny bit passive-aggressive, like a mini-intervention to make Stewart stop it with that bit already...well, maybe that was just my own wishful interpretation.

Next, though, The Colbert Report also had cause to revisit a well-worn gag. Iran just held an election, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is no longer president, which means Stephen Colbert will soon probably have no reason to mention him -- something that has never been easy for Colbert anyway, since that wacky name is so darn hard to say!


The joke whose premise is that it's such a dumb joke is...funnier than the joke that's just supposed to be a joke, which is just the latest reason that Stephen Colbert is better than Jon Stewart, even when Stewart isn't there.

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