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Ask The Crown's Royal Spare About 'Pride & Joy'

Let's take a peek at Princess Margaret's unpublished, ahead-of-her-time correspondence.

Q Dear Royal Spare,

Oh, Margaret. You are aware that it's been hell for me since your dear papa had died, leaving me without a position, watching on the sidelines as your sister assumes the crown. You know you were his favorite. But now I hear from Philip that the reception of your performance of your royal duties has upset Elizabeth. I know you must shine, dear, but can you perhaps be more mindful not to upstage? Scotland is lovely and I've bought a new castle, so I really don't want to have to return to London.

Queen Mummy

A Dear Mummy,


Q Dear Royal Spare,

Margaret, you're amazing! We love your style and think you're hilarious. Is it hard staying so prim and proper all the time? Is the Queen just awful to you? Where do you shop? Do you miss Peter?

Pre-teens who can't wait for the '60s

A Dear Adoring, Common Girls,

Your note is too kind. The sentiments expressed within have served to warm my heart in these trying times and my would-be husband and I thank you. Since we're speaking of Peter, yes: I do miss him terribly. We speak over the phone often (it's a private line), and he is sent news reel clips of all my public appearances to see how wonderful I am/watch late at night when he is alone. Unfortunately, the Queen, my sister, is unchanged in her position regarding our marriage, but she's currently on her grand tour, probably romping on a sandy beach somewhere. I miss her quite less than I miss Peter. The prim and proper behavior you see as I assume official duties on her behalf is exactly that: on her behalf. (Brandy helps.) The clothes are from Harrod's (mostly Dior). The jewels are "borrowed."

Q Dear Royal Spare,

As a representative of government, could you please try to conduct yourself in a more conservative manner to support the economic efforts of government?

Most sincerely,
All the boring old white men in jolly old England

A Dear Would-Be Oppressors,

Stuff it. The (borrowed) Crown is on my head and it's time someone breathed some real life into this stuffy old institution. It's for the people; they demand a spectacle and I do not intend to disappoint. Besides, the camera loves me, and coal sucks.

Q Dear Royal Spare,

Could you mess up a little more, please, Aunt Margaret? Run away with Peter, maybe? You're going to become quite respectable, and it's really going to cramp my style.

-Harry, from the future

A Dear Redheaded Brat,

What do you mean "respectable"? I stole the crown jewels the second her plane took off, for f***s sake. Cramping your style? What else is there to do, side with the Germans and disgrace myself by removing my clothes in public? There's scandal, and then there's risk to personal popularity. Take a seat, wee one.

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