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Watch Stephen Colbert In The Greatest 'Get Lucky' Lipdub Of All Time

The Colbert Report's loss is the viewer's gain.

Apparently, here's what happened. The Colbert Report booked Daft Punk to kick off its special music two-thirds-of-a-week. Then, on the eve of the band's appearance, MTV claimed that because they'd committed to make a surprise appearance at the VMAs, The Colbert Report couldn't impinge on the exclusivity of the deal. So Stephen Colbert spent the whole first segment of last night's episode recounting the tale and making fun of MTV chief Van Toffler.

How much of the beef between MTV and The Colbert Report is real? Hard to say -- though if you think someone of Toffler's age wouldn't use the words "peeps" and "funky" in an email, you've never worked at MTV. Anyway, who cares, because it provided Colbert with a pretext for doing this.


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