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Watch Stephen Colbert Complete His Quarterback Training

He'll have a whole new perspective on 'The Sport Report' now!

I guess it doesn't matter if the real-life Stephen Colbert is as ignorant about sports as his character, Stephen Colbert, but if you imagine that the guy who's already revealed himself to be an intense Tolkein nerd doesn't even give half a shit about the NFL (which, let's face it, is quite probable), then his week of Super Bowl Superb Owl episodes become even funnier. Case in point: the payoff, in last night's episode, of the latest installment of Fallback Position, in which Stephen learns how to be a championship quarterback. It starts with him getting indignant at a player who dares to advance on him in a scrimmage, and ends...well, I won't ruin it. I know that seven minutes is an eternity for a web video, but trust me, you want to watch to the end.


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