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Watch Stephen Colbert And Hugh Laurie Recite The Filthy Words And Phrases You Can Only Say On Cable


As we all know, the promise of seeing butts and/or hearing profanity is the only reason any of us watch cable shows, which is why the big four networks (The CW decided to sit this one out) have petitioned the FCC about loosening restrictions on their broadcasts in order for them to be more competitive with their cable brethren.

Will they be successful? Probably not. But it almost doesn't matter because the issue has already benefited the viewer in one important respect: this segment from last night's Colbert Report, in which host Stephen Colbert and guest Hugh Laurie took turns reading a list of terms that MTV Networks (of which Comedy Central is one) has cleared for use on Colbert's show. Try to figure out how Standards & Practices decided where to draw the line! I kind of couldn't.


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