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Stephen Colbert Throws The World's Most Patriotic Yard Sale

The greatest value of all is, of course, freedom.

As Stephen Colbert has grown ever closer to tonight's series finale of The Colbert Report, he's had a lot to take care of, from revisiting his On Notice list to hosting the actual president as a guest. But in addition to his personal goals for the content of these final shows, there are also practical considerations, like: cleaning out the studio. To that end, Stephen did the only sensible thing: he bought some posterboard and some Swisher Sweets and threw together a yard sale.

Unlike his old job, Stephen hasn't spent that much time interacting with people who aren't in on the joke, so I think my favourite part of this bit is seeing him drop character to be so warm and welcoming to the elderly non-native English speaker who clearly has no fucking idea who Stephen is. Over the last few weeks, Stephen has dropped character on occasion -- who among us hasn't succumbed to senioritis? -- but this was especially fun in giving us a preview of how he may end up interacting with normal people in his next gig. And though the opening credits of this penultimate episode try to make a self-deprecating joke about the state of the show in its last gasps...

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