Stephen Colbert Praises Canadian Law Enforcement

Canadians were rocked yesterday by the news that an al-Qaeda-affiliated terror attack on our home and native land had been foiled by Mounties. And actually, if I'm being totally honest, the fact that it had been prevented -- though obviously we were all pretty grateful about it -- was kind of, sort of secondary to the revelation that a group like al-Qaeda had taken notice of little old Canada and even tried to attack it. Guys! We're in the big leagues now! With a plot to bomb its transit system now international news, Toronto can truly assert that it is, in fact, a world-class city.

The thwarted attack was such a big story yesterday that host Stephen Colbert devoted a segment to it on last night's episode of The Colbert Report.

Getting a mention on a late-night talk show is always exciting for Canada, of course. But to make it onto Stephen Colbert's radar is especially thrilling because he is, pretty much, the most American American alive. He's like a real-life Uncle Sam! And unlike the last time Canada came up on his show, this story is 100% positive! All of Canada is blushing with humble pride today, and surely is still celebrating with Molsons from Victoria to St. John's today.

The Canadianosity Scale™ measures both the accuracy and Canadiannessity of a mention of Canada on American television. A score of ten is roughly equivalent to a Cougar boot full of poutine.
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