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As Retirement Looms, Stephen Colbert Reconsiders His Enemies List

Maybe the creatures known as 'godless killing machines' aren't as killy or godless as Stephen has always thought.

Since the creation of The Colbert Report, the show's Threat Down segment has taken a bold and consistent stand against bears. The "godless killing machines" have faced tough criticism from "Stephen" over the years -- not undeservedly, as Werner Herzog would be the first to agree.

But with the end of The Colbert Report nearly upon us -- the series finale airs one month from today -- Stephen is evidently exploring the idea that maybe bears are not as big a threat as he's always thought.

With only a few more weeks of episodes left, each one is a precious, irreplaceable jewel. But surely the thawing of relations between Stephen and all bearkind marks is the moment that will make this one especially memorable.

Gif: Previously.TV

Gif: Previously.TV