YouTube / SRD

Two Minutes Of Donald Trump Saying 'Baby'

Because you have to laugh, or you'll cry.

What the hell?

YouTube hero SRD put together a supercut of Donald J. Trump saying the word "baby" about a gazillion times. Most of the time he's calling his detractors and opponents babies, but some of the time, he's joking about crying babies at his rallies. He's very seldom addressing a woman as baby, fortunately, so it's not completely nauseating.

Do you think he ever held a baby, including his own, before this election?

Unless someone gold-plated an infant for some kind of ribbon-cutting ceremony? I wouldn't give that short odds, no.

Who cares?

Well, as we head into the final week of this 176-year presidential election, I thought I'd go with a political theme...but it's Halloween today, so obviously I had to kick things off with something orange.


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