The Dooch Vs. Barry Williams On Celebrity Boxing

Down goes Brady! Down goes Brady!

What the hell? Celebrity Boxing is perhaps the most pathetic entrant in the fairly crowded "let's throw the word 'celebrity' in front of any skills gerund and watch the carnage" field of reality TV, and Danny Bonaduce in turn is probably its most pathetic participant. His opponent, Barry Williams, appears to have the proper attitude towards the proceedings; he and his man-boobs have come to raise money for charity. The Dooch, meanwhile, seems to feel as though this is a real title match that will accord him the respect shown to professional athletes, and while it isn't the nadir of Bonaduce's ongoing public and desperate attempts to resolve his identity crisis (that would be Breaking Bonaduce), it's pretty uncomfortable.

How'd you find this...whatever this is? Googling "bonaduce degradation." Just kidding! I actually don't remember; some rabbit hole to do with the celebrity-confrontation keyword, no doubt.

Who cares? Probably not even Bonaduce at this point -- he's simmered down a bit in recent years; I think he admitted to taking steroids as part of this ongoing boxing/wrestling foolishness, so maybe he's gone off those, and/or calibrated other chemical imbalances -- but it's instructive to look at these celebrity competition shows sometimes and see who's really only there to pass the time and raise money (the Johnny Damons) and who's viewing it as redemptive blood sport (the Tonya Hardings).


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