Don Drysdale Talked Greg Out Of Pro Ball On The Brady Bunch

Possibly so he wouldn't take Eddie Gaedel's gig.

What the hell?

Greg is obsessed with becoming a major-league pitcher, and wants to drop out of school to follow his dream. When Mike and Carol can't talk him out of it, Dodger star Don Drysdale has to try to undo what meeting him did to Greg's ego.

Did nobody think to point out that one's pro-ball dreams should include being taller than Davy Jones?

Actually, they might have. I may have been too busy sourcing Carol's everything green-poly dress to listen to every line of dialogue.

Who cares?

Drysdale's appearance here is part of a trendlet of various L.A. Dodgers showing up on TV shows as a sort of sideline. In the age of free agency and lucrative endorsements, that isn't as much of a thing now, but watching the TBB reruns as a kid, it did seem to me that a Dodger showed up once a season or so.

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