Wrong Man And Behind Mansion Walls

Eve Batey returns for Joe Berlinger's new series on locking up the (possibly) wrong guy, plus an ID show about picking up the wrong guy (in this case, Herb Baumeister).

Joe Berlinger returns with another limited series, this one -- Wrong Man, on Starz -- looking into possible wrongful convictions; Eve Batey returns to The Blotter Presents to talk about the all-star team assembled to look into these cases. Which attorney do we predict will go on to host her own show? Is Ron Kuby getting soft(er) in his old age? Would we watch a show that just ran footage of investigators Joe and Ira on stake-outs? And what is with that detective's pajama pants?

Later, Behind Mansion Walls delves with hilarious relish into the case of Indiana's most prolific (alleged) serial killer, Herb Baumeister. He and his wife Julie are re-enacted with brio, narrated by a Moth Story Slam veteran, and afflicted with deep denial, and while BMW isn't the greatest overview of the case, Eve is still obsessed with it now...and we talk about why we'd never heard of it before, what kind of kid thinks he's going to get to "keep" crime-scene evidence he found in the yard, and why Indianapolis law enforcement might not have leapt into action on this case in an all-new The Blotter Presents.

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