Warren Jeffs: Prophet Of Evil, Plus A Mormon-Adjacent True-Crime Must List

Occupants of a non-plural marriage Sarah D. Bunting and Dan Patrick Brady on A&E's latest cult investigation, and other Mormon-related crime properties.

[Note: Today's episode contains crackling that may annoy you. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on ironing out the issue!]

A&E leans into its sub-branding as a cult-studies destination with Warren Jeffs: Prophet Of Evil. Dan and I leaned into the Warren Jeffs topic by watching not just A&E's outing but the 2015 documentary from Showtime, and discussed the similarities between LDS fundies and Scientology; what reminded us of Trump about Jeffs; Mormon naming conventions; and whether Norman Mailer's The Executioner's Song should join In Cold Blood as a twin vintage pillar of the true-crime genre.

Did I miss any Mormon-adjacent properties? Take a break from barfing yourself inside out about the "custom bed" and recommend more reading, podcasts, and documentaries on the forums.

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