Investigation Discovery

True Conviction And Bride Killa

Dan Patrick Brady and I point out a few issues with two New Year's Day offerings from Investigation Discovery.

Investigation Discovery kicked off 2018 with an afternoon of premieres, and returning guest/enduring spouse Dan Brady and I took a look at two of them. True Conviction has an interesting premise -- but doesn't stick to it closely enough, falling into some crime-tabloid structural cliches instead of focusing on prosecutors and their work, plus host Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi keeps, well, leading the witnesses in talking-head interviews. Dan thinks it's good enough to fall asleep to...

...but had no use for the tackily named Bride Killa, while I thought it had major problems (and some baked-in sexism about what women "should be like" in a marriage) but delightfully balls-out commitment from the re-enactors, and unusually vernacular shade from some of the experts. "Because she's a big ol' bitch" is not a great look in terms of explaining motive, but Lord knows the show doubled down on proving it.

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Show Notes