The Trade And Alcatraz Revisited

Eve Batey returns to look at Showtime's documentary miniseries on the opioid crisis, plus Mythbusters and Secrets Of The Dead recreate the escape from Alcatraz.

Showtime enters an already tragically crowded field with The Trade, a comprehensive look at the business of heroin from poppy to police intervention -- and Eve Batey returns to the podcast to talk about the show's bleak effectiveness. If you've watched any combination of Live PD, Intervention, and any number of recent HBO documentaries, The Trade won't tell you anything new, but it's still a thought-provoking and well-built story about families, frustration, and how far the toxic effects of substance abuse can spread.

Later, with one of the escapees from Alcatraz back in the Bay-Area news, we discuss two takes on America's most famous prison break: one from Mythbusters, and one from Secrets Of The Dead. We also mull what makes the story -- and that of DB Cooper, not for nothing -- so appealing after so many years, whether we'll ever know what really happened, and the importance of pestering Tim's husband to make an Alcatraz Triathlon t-shirt. Inflate your podcast app and float on over to our latest episode of The Blotter Presents.

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