The Staircase And Forensic Files

Stephanie Green returns to lay the true-crime vanguard series to rest (as it were), plus the insane score of a 13th-season Forensic Files.

De Lestrade and his team return once more with three new episodes of prestige-true-crime forerunner The Staircase, and Stephanie Early Green returns to discuss the end of the story. Did it need three more episodes? Does it do what it thinks it does in terms of casting Michael Peterson and his family as sympathetic, and Kathleen Peterson's sisters as obsessed harpies -- or the opposite? One of our theories of the case has changed somewhat since the last time we contemplated this twisty case, but as David Rudolf says, we just don't know. And like David Rudolf, we're about done thinking about this.

The case of Robert Bosley's murder is decidedly more straightforward -- in fact, we're not sure it's Forensice Files this killing should appear on, but a yet-to-be-produced show called, like, The Dumbshit-Crook Chronicles -- but the melodramatically intense scoring of S13.E22 makes this half-hour of stupid criminal tricks well worth the time. Crazy headstones, inappropriate affects, and much more in an all-new The Blotter Presents.

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