History Channel

The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer And American Horror Story: Cult

Sarah D. Bunting and Eve Batey wonder whether a supercomputer, a smoker, and some circumstantial evidence is enough to crack a 50-year-old case.

Eve Batey returns for yet another look at the Zodiac case, this one from History Channel -- is the much-ballyhooed new evidence and groundbreaking technology worth tuning in for? Or will the lack of context for certain "discoveries" frustrate viewers with any knowledge of the case? (And...all the other viewers?) Later, we discuss AHS's season-long remix of notorious cults and criminals, including a radical-feminist theory on the Zodiac, and make predictions -- which will be proven wrong by the time you listen! at us, please! -- on what other legendary leaders the finale has in store. Don't just sit there, go find Shelly Miscavige...but while you're in the car, have a listen to the latest The Blotter Presents.

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