The Disappearance Of Natalee Holloway And The Charlie Brandt Case

Will Dave Holloway get the answers he's searched for for so long? And what exactly was wrong with Charlie Brandt? Allison Lowe Huff returns to look at mysteries within mysteries.

Oxygen premiered The Disappearance Of Natalee Holloway over the weekend, and Al Lowe Huff is back to talk about the case, new twists on old evidence, whether the miniseries' weird undercover set-up is going to yield new clues, and how mad we'll be if it ends up in a(nother) big nothing. Al also brought a 48 Hours on Charlie Brandt to our Cold Case section -- and we're thinking maybe the show should have expanded its proven template to dig into issues of child psychology and familial liability. We're also making fun of Florida a bunch in an all-new The Blotter Presents.

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