Homicide For The Holidays And Guilty Rich

First-time guest Stephanie Cangro digs into a Thanksgiving murder, and yet another take on the demise of Dave Schultz.

It's the mooooost murderous tiiiiime of the yeeeeear -- and if you think that's crass, wait until you hear Homicide For The Holidays's episode-naming conventions. Stephanie Cangro pulls up a (polished) chair to talk about HFTH's second-season premiere, "Thanks-Killing," and how soon we guessed whodunnit without Googling the murders of Earl and Terry Robertson in 1997. I was a little creeped out that two suspects shared the names of my uncles...

...who went to school with our Cold Case section's subject, John du Pont. Remembered by my dad as an odd duck, du Pont has had a lot of celluloid devoted to him in the years since his death, but we took another run at the topic with S01.E03 of Guilty Rich. Why is du Pont still such a compelling topic? Does Guilty Rich's narrative take too much pity on him? And why didn't his overbearing mother teach him how to smile uncreepily?

I'm not sure we answer those questions...but we do have DVR recommendations for both shows, so take a break from that pre-holiday yard work and listen to an all-new The Blotter Presents.

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