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Dead North And Dark Angel

ID's four-part miniseries on the hunt for a serial killer, and ITV's look at Victorian poisoneuse Mary Ann Cotton, made Dan Patrick Brady and Sarah D. Bunting a bit queasy.

Dan Patrick Brady's back for a look at ID's latest miniseries, Dead North, which follows Upper Peninsula police chief Laura Frizzo in the search for a missing man, through a bizarre love quadrangle, to a gruesome discovery while filming in the woods...and a possible woman serial killer. It's not your average true-crime fare, and might have worked better as a podcast, but Dan and Sarah are in for Dead South should it become a thing. We're decidedly LESS eager to eat barbecued foods we didn't pack into the party ourselves, however.

Later, it's tea we're turned off of when we take on notorious poisoner Mary Ann Cotton and ITV's Dark Angel. A story we thought had a lot of potential is ruined by confusing time jumps, anachronistic dialogue, clonky exposition, and ironically bittersweet pronouncements of love punctuated by barfing. (Yes, that's the name of our second country album. No, you probably shouldn't listen to our last clip if you have a sensitive vom trigger.) We're hoping listeners can let us know whether the book Dark Angel's based on is worth reading, because Sarah could only get through one ep of the series.

Fargo, sexism in profiling, and the found art of the talking-head interview: it's an all-new The Blotter Presents.

Show Notes

  • Watch Dead North on ID
  • Watch Dark Angel on Amazon Prime (or check local Masterpiece listings/the PBS app)

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