Criminal Confessions And Showrunner 'Would You Rather'

Alan Sepinwall on Dick Wolf's latest unscripted crime show, plus choosing which crime producer should tackle legendary cases.

In the excitement about The Menendez Murders, you may have missed that Dick Wolf snuck ANOTHER show onto the schedule: Oxygen's Criminal Confessions, a process-y look at law enforcement's efforts to get suspects to admit their guilt. Uproxx's Alan Sepinwall took a break from new-book promotion to discuss what the show does right, how long it can sustain our interest, and how it stacks up against stylized scripted confession scenes like Homicide: LOTS's. Later, we played Would You Rather with famous true-crime cases like the Black Dahlia and Bernardo/Homolka, picking which showrunner should take a crack at them: Ryan Murphy, or Dick Wolf.

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