The Blotter Presents 013: Jonestown

Eve Batey returns to discuss the American Experience AND the Powers-Boothe-miniseries takes on the tragedy in Guyana.

American Experience's "Jonestown: the Life And Death Of Peoples Temple" and 1980's Guyana Tragedy: The Story Of Jim Jones make up our all-Cold-Case episode this week, as Eve Batey comes back to talk about the Peoples Temple's lasting effect on San Francisco, and California; what Jim Jones's particular breed of amoral manipulation and surreal paranoia can tell us about today's headlines; and who we'd have cast as the late Congressman Leo Ryan instead of Ned Beatty. Which property is more effective at conveying why everything went so horribly wrong for "Dad"'s flock? And...seriously: What is the story with the monkeys?? All this and the woman who once played Christina Crawford on an all-new The Blotter Presents.

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