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The Blotter Presents 011: Bill Cosby: An American Scandal And The Dr. Robert Neulander Case

Kim Reed joins Sarah D. Bunting to discuss Cos, podcasts, and a Southern Tier case that hits very close to home.

Charter member of the Virtual True Crime Book Club Kim Reed reunites to talk about The National Enquirer Investigates's take on the Bill Cosby allegations as they go to trial this week. What is his wife's role in all this? Has he gotten a fair trial in the court of public opinion -- and is that because of his race? And would you be better off listening to WHYY's pod on the story instead? Later, we dig into Dateline and 48 HRS's differing takes on Syracuse OB/GYN Robert Neulander, whether he killed his wife Leslie, and some notes Kim has for him on his bedside manner.

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