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The Blotter Presents 010: The Keepers And Love & Hate: The Story Of Colin And JoAnn Thatcher

Tara Ariano and Sarah D. Bunting on recovered memories in Baltimore and a provincial narcissist in Saskatchewan.

My non-carnal life partner Tara Ariano comes on TBP for a look at Netflix's The Keepers. Does it work as a true-crime tale? Does it need to? And will we ever learn who killed Sister Cathy? Later, we make a markedly less depressing return to Tara's childhood with Love & Hate, a Canadian miniseries about the stalking and murder of JoAnn Thatcher by her scumbag ex-husband Colin. Take a break from your "urban existence" and give the latest The Blotter Presents a listen!

Show Notes

Needs less cow ball: