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The Blotter Presents 009: Mommy Dead And Dearest And The Snowtown Murders

Stephanie Green returns to discuss HBO's take on the Blanchard/Munchausen's-by-proxy case, plus Australia's most lethal Bunting.

Production note: a second version of the podcast has been uploaded to fix an issue with the volume of the clips.

My esteemed colleague Stephanie Green is back for Erin Lee Carr's Mommy Dead And Dearest, which investigates Gypsy Lee Blanchard's murder of her con-artist mother, Dee Dee, and whether it was justified. Should Gypsy's father have done more? Is Gypsy's cousin the real star of the doc? And what's going to become of Gypsy when she's paroled? Our Cold Case is an Australian crime show's look at John Bunting (no relation), his horrible crimes, and the perils of casting a guy who looks like Jack Black in your re-enactments.

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