Biggie: The Life Of Notorious B.I.G. And Gesualdo: Death For Five Voices

Legends of hip-hop and the Italian Renaissance as Mark Blankenship joins us for an all-music episode!

A&E debuts its life of Biggie Smalls at last, and my Mark And Sarah Talk About Songs co-host, Mark Blankenship, has a few thoughts on Jay-Z, versification, and whether it matters that the film spends only a few minutes on Christopher Wallace's murder. Then we take a detour into the Werner-Herzog weird with a German-TV docu on Italian madrigal composer and melodramatic murderer Carlo Gesualdo. Please watch Death For Five Voices and discuss it with us in the forums, because we feel like we're having all the strokes when a ghostly re-enactor whips out a boombox.

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