Abuse Of Power And An Unsolved Unsolved Mysteries Mystery

Dan Patrick Brady on Oxygen's latest competent, but misnamed, Saturday series -- plus a scavenger hunt for his UM episode!

Abuse Of Power is a professionally made, serviceable, and superfluous Teevee True-Crime Product that actually does a couple things well, or at least notably. But does it need to exist? Or does it just need to exist under another name? Dan Patrick Brady is back to talk about bad acting, sad cops, and Fred Tokars's similarities to Donald J. Trump.

Later, it's time for YOU the listener to track down Dan's Unsolved Mysteries episode. We run down everything Dan can remember about the segment, from year to topic to fellow re-enactors; if you spot Dan first in the Amazon Prime Stack-isodes, you could win a book! And everyone else can win never having to hear Buntsy whine about not being able to find this damn thing! Dan's contemporary headshot is below: g'head and get solving!

Show Notes

Dan's Mugs-- Er, "Headshot"

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