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Coming Full Circle

As the Bletchladies close another case, Sarah reviews their fashions and home goods.

Lucy reports that John Richards's top-secret transfer is still exactly that while wearing the first in a series of cut-out-pattern buttondowns, paired with a sweet pair of flower earrings (the mostly murderously painful sort of clip-on, in my experience).

Screens: ITV

Susan's about to spot the answer that nobody else apparently can -- here, it's that Richards saved the clippings because, really, the clippings had no reason to exist; the army would likely have covered up the crash, but Richards wanted to make sure the press knew about it. What she hasn't spotted is that she desperately needs lip color, but I love that muzzy sweater (which we've seen in the previous season, if I'm not mistaken). Millie's rocking her customary chic silk buttondown.


Susan's son has wandered off to look at a dog, leaving this spot vacant and this correspondent envious of the vintage produce boxes.


Susan Jr. is in all sorts of adorable attire this episode; that little grey blazer looks so comfy.


Lizzie is still bunking in the records room; she hears a suspicious noise. Hide, Lizzie! It's me, and I'm coming to steal that lovely blouse!


A better view of the lightness of the material, which looks like a (pricey) georgette. Want.


Which is cuter, that retro breadbox or Susan Jr.'s crochet-pattern elbow-length cardi? I'll take 'em both and decide later.

At an All The President's Men-style meeting au plein air (their phones are being tapped), Millie is killing it across the board: sumptuous coat, not-too-matchy navy gloves, and fashion-forward head scarf. We'll get to her pocketbook later.


Alice is just days away from a death sentence, but she's still keeping it tight tonsorially with a wraparound bun; it's businesslike, but not too severe. It's also clearly held in place with bobby pins a jailed murderer would never be allowed, but she's also permitted non-attorney visitors carrying big purses at all hours, so whatever.


Lucy feels a little bad about using that nice guy at work to get a bogus Scotland Yard records clearance, but she looks great doing it. ("...She says jealously." I can't wear that style of blouse or that color blue without looking like the Battleship Easter Egg.)


A slightly better shot of Millie's kerchief, plus Lucy's lovely oatmeal coat. ("Oat-vercoat"? "Over-oat"?)


It's okay, Jean. If we get it in a different color, it's not "copying," and we obviously have to because look at the back. So pretty.


The Bletchley costumers harmonize a lot of blue-greys and oranges, which warms the heart of this Mets fan. Lizzie's ensemble when she visits Alice in prison is my favorite example; love the scarf and the swiss dot on the jacket.


This orange/blue pairing goes gentler on the orange, with the ruffled blouse more of a peach color. It's not as good with Millie's complexion, but in her defense, 1) she's distracted by having to beg Susan to pull one more caper on the Circle's behalf, despite Susan's stated reluctance to endanger her family further (and, to my mind at least, unattractively dismissive assertion that Millie "can't" understand how she feels), and 2) that pocketbook is death. In some lights it's orange, others red, still others burgundy, and the hard-sided clasp-top design is so handy. My grandmother carried nothing but this style and I'm still kicking myself for not insisting they be given to me after she passed.


Lucy is the queen of tops I can't wear, and there's lots going on around the neckline -- the collar AND the keyhole AND the knitted tie -- but it's so cute. And unlike some people, Lucy is wearing the correct foundation garment.


...JEAN. Come on! Of course, this is partly styling to the character, but either let the blouse sit all gappy in the front or let her boobs look like she's holding them up with her elbow crooks, but not both.


"We're rationing Andrew McCarthy faces, sir. You'll have to make do with this one. We did throw in these classic cufflinks, though." "Cheers. Got a light?"


On the pretense of acquiring Tim's medical records before the fam heads overseas, Susan visits the military hospital to gank some files and get to the bottom of why the train crash only involved victims with no immediate families. Somehow she manages not to take a detour to the nurses' locker room and steal the administrator's foxy red capelet.


Vintage card catalogs = instant design flair.


Meanwhile, the others visit Professor Marsden, who thinks Richards is working for the Soviets -- and that the Circle is as well. The only good thing about the guy, who's about to shoot poor Jean in the kneecap for being a Russkie collaborator, is his nifty retro telephone.


So much rad retired tech in this shot, starting with the wireless in the background and, between the hats on the desk, the vintage intercom. Oh, also, Susan had to tell Tim everything while briefing the director of the hospital on what Richards had discovered, so that he can call the MPs and send them to the professor's house and save everyone else and she can avoid prosecution for selling state secrets. I...think. I'm still not clear on whether Richards actually was a double agent or the professor is just a nutbar.


Having outed herself as a code-breaker to Tim, Susan suggests a fresh start -- overseas, with the kids. Tim's down with that, I think; I'm too busy salivating over the car in the neighbors' driveway to listen closely.


It's a bit hard to see, but despite a shattered kneecap, Jean still gets her stocking seams fiercely aligned to greet Alice when she's released from prison.


More orange and blue, this time for the farewell between Millie and Susan. Susan has a new wool coat, but doesn't stick around to say hi to Alice or any of the others; she just gives Millie a big, regretful hug that may or may not indicate the two of them Had A Thing back in the Bletchley day. Then she peaces out. At least Millie has a cool scarf to dry her tears with (and to cover a not-great sweater that I think the costumers pinched from Boogie in Diner).



(...No, I can't stop staring at that amber bracelet either. Is that Millie's job within the Circle -- accessorizing?)


Our last orange/blue suite. This is some expert pattern- and texture-mixing on Lizzie as she waits for her bio mom to come out of the prison gates; it's perfect layering for a mid-century young lady contending with British weather.


Alice is sprung from the joint having apparently borrowed a cut-out blouse from Lucy and a single curler for her bangs from Susan...


...while Lucy must have raided Millie's necklace collection.

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