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The Blacklist Spends Some Time At The Beach

But can Red really relax in Jersey in the off-season? The answer is no. No, he can't.

So now it begins. Now we watch The Blacklist and pretend we believe that Liz is dead, and not just mostly dead, and look for clues that she's actually alive somehow. I still believe that somewhere someone will perform a Miracle Max on her, or already has. I still believe that Red knows all about it, even though he looked devastated at the end of last episode and seems to have been on a bender or something in the moments preceding this episode. Red stumbles out of some Chinatown dive and nearly into the path of a pirate taxi for hire. He pays the driver several hundred dollars to drive him to Cape May, New Jersey. The 200-mile journey gives Red plenty of time to stare into the middle distance so we can see some flashback footage filling us in on the specifics of Red's trauma: the angry exit interview with Dr. Nick; Tom telling Red to get out of the baby's life forever. The fact that Red seems so devastated by Liz's "death" remains the biggest clue for me right now that Liz is still alive. Because I have no faith that the "twist" that Liz is still alive will make any logical sense in the end. But we'll see, I guess.

Red sets up a beach chair near the water in Cape May and within moments thwarts the suicide attempt of a red-haired woman who walks into the ocean. It's almost like he brought her back to life…CLUE #2! He and the red-haired woman warm up in the closed beachfront hotel just behind the dunes. She too has recently lost someone close to her, and she regrets the things she said "before he died."

But maybe this is all a dream or a fantasy? There's a surreal quality to their time in the hotel, and to the fact that Red eats but she doesn't, and to how her dialog starts sounding like someone interrogating Red. Has he been drugged? Have I? Red figures out that he and the redhead are basically in the same business, just in time for the two of them to deal with an intruder. She deals with the man harshly, bludgeoning him against the sink. Later, more men come to kill the mystery lady. Red and the redhead deal with them handily, but of course it turns out that it was all a dream. The redhead is some internal projection of Katarina Rostova, who is definitely dead. So I guess she's not the mysterious person in the Rolls who saved Mr. Solomon a couple episodes ago. Wonder who that's gonna turn out to be?

So, how Blacklist-y was this episode? Let's find out!

Blacklist-y Element Present?
Liz is dead, but she's totally coming back, right? "> All this talk of Katarina Rostova can only mean one thing -- Liz is still alive.
Is Ressler still being a total asshole? I'm assuming. Somewhere, to someone. But neither he nor anyone else from the Task Force makes an appearance this episode.
Red is one step ahead of everyone at all times! Nope. Red's at the Jersey Shore and totally out of his element.
This Blacklist-er should totally be on Red's list! It's a first! An episode with no bad guy whatsoever.
Plot is immaterial! "We don't have much time," the mysterious redhead says to Red. One minute later, they've already set a half-dozen elaborate booby traps around the hotel. We're supposed to believe that's possible. Because at the time, we don't know that it's all a dream.
Red's hat symbolizes his cool mastery of his surroundings! Not right now, it doesn't. Up is down for Red. When he stumbles out of the Chinese restaurant, he's wearing his hat. But shit's not in his control. Not now. Not yet.
Dialog by ClicheBot 3000 "There's wine," says the mysterious redhead. "And I can make a risotto." Sure, because that's a quick and easy meal people make all the time.
Something deadly/dangerous is given a name equally suited to an improv theater or troupe I'm sure there will be something next week. I'm hoping, anyway. I miss the good old days of The Lazarim Abductions, The Promnestria, and The Glasnost File.
We get one more crumb about Red's obsession with Liz Turns out the mysterious redhead is Katarina Rostova, who is definitely dead. Red allowed her to die so Masha could survive. Just as Red saved Liz's baby and let her die. Or did he? (He didn't.)
4 / 9
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Relaxing beach vacation
Sand in your bathing suit
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